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A5 Concert Stereo + Low Bluetooth Phone Prep = Sds Working

leekeene Aug 18, 2014

  1. leekeene

    leekeene Member

    so i did a load of searching and those with the Concert system will know we dont have the 5F Module. i didnt find a complete guide anywhere so thought id post this here incase anyone else wants SDS working on teh concert system

    Step 1)

    Confirm you dont have 5F - Information Electr module (i believe with a concert Stereo and Low Phone Prep you wont have this)

    Step 2)

    77 - Telephone -> Coding 07 -> change the second from last digit to a 2 (Eg mine Previous change 001300 post change 001320)

    Step 3)

    47 Radio -> Coding 07 -> Long code helper -> Byte 6 -> Bit 7 tick telephone control via voice control active

    Step 4)

    Check that the Phone hasnt deregistered and is saying Insert SIM on screen

    if the screen is saying "insert SIM" undo the stuff above and try again

    Step 5)

    using the Steering wheel change the FIS Mode to Telephone
    Then select the menu item phonebook in the phone menu with the left knob
    Activate the phone book by pressing the left rotary control
    Select the desired contact with the left knob
    Now press SDS button on the steering wheel to the right -
    Pronounce After the request tone of SDS the voice command "Save"
    Express a desired name for this entry in the phone book SDS When prompted by SDS
    Confirm the pronounced name Upon further request by SDS by repeated utterance
    After SDS confirmed that the entry was created in the FIS and a voice icon will now appear in front of the displayed contact, which looks exactly like the symbol on the SDS button on the steering wheel.

    its a very basic system but does work.

    pressing the button and saying Dial XXXX will then ask you to repeat who you want and then once thats done ask you to confirm you want to dial but it does work :)

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