A4 saloon D/S rear door won't open?


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Hi guys & gals

Not new to the Site from my S3 days but new to the A4 B8 section as just purchased today.
2008 A4 S Line TDI

Little bit of help needed if possible.

The D/S rear door won't open, the child locks I believe are on as I turned the N/S off but the D/S rear door won't open from the out side or the inside.
You can hear the mechanism working when your pressing the key or the unlock button but the door just won't open. I'm sure the valeter had the door open before I purchased it but I can't be 100%.

Any way of getting the door to open or is it a door card off job?

Many thanks


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Hi mate, thanks for the reply and I have done a few searches but the outcome is not what I wanted to hear haha and from a few years ago.

Was hoping someone would have a better simpler answer for me :(

Going in to specialist Thursday so let them sort it.

Thanks for the reply though mate