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A4 - Broken / loose air vent mechansim, repair queries

jimnastics Jul 22, 2020

  1. jimnastics

    jimnastics Registered User

    I have a broken / loose air vent mechanism in one of my rear passenger air vents (the ones on the back of the front central arm rest). It works going left/right, but not up/down.... I have no idea how or why this happened as obviously I never sit in the back! But the car is heading back from its lease soon, so I need to get it sorted.

    Has anyone had experience with this before? Any thoughts / ideas on cost? Also, do I need to be getting this done through an Audi dealer garage, or can I go indie? I've always had it serviced at Audi as I believe that's part of the lease agreement, but not sure on repairs like this.
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  3. MOA4B9

    MOA4B9 Registered User

    I have got the same problem, the vents alway fall downwards. My kids must have kicked it. I've never looked at repairing it so will be interested in the answers to see if there is an easy fix.
  4. Mr Olympik

    Mr Olympik Registered User

    Do some explorative surgery :)

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