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A4 B6 quattro fuel pump replacement how to guide

Ian2012 Nov 27, 2013

  1. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    First up don't do this if the car is on a slope and with more than half a tank it will be messy!!

    Had the lovely task of sorting this out today on the missus's car, firstly it is not located under the boot floor as another site suggested, so wasted a good 45 minutes pulling the boot apart and get to the access cover only to find nothing there, a bit like opening xmas presents and it being an empty box!

    So it lives under the back seat which requires a good firm pull up on both sides and out she comes, now you will see 2 identical covers, it's the drivers side you need.

    Now i would get the hoover out and clean very well you working area as you don't want **** getting in the tank later.

    Undo the 3 screws and lift the lid and there sits the pump, you need a hammer and flat blade screwdriver to knock the locking off make a note of where it is before you undo it. Remove the electrical plug and the fuel hose on top, the fuel hose is held on by a plastic clip for want of a better expression, to get this off you need to press in a little tang on one side of it and pull it off.

    Now i split the 2 old pump components to make getting the pump out easier, actually i snapped the frigging hose, oh well. Undo the electrical connector for the fuel gauge and tape it out of the way.

    Make a note of it's orientation i think they only go in one way. It will save you time later trust me.

    Next up it's back to the hammer and screwdriver, you need to tap in an anti clockwise direction the pump body, to free it from the housing it sits in. Now pull it out allowing the excess fuel to drain in the tank.

    Refitting is obviously the reversal of removal, when locking the new pump in it's holder i was able to do this by hand it should just click nicely into place if you get it in the right place, don't force it they are delicate.

    I also used a new seal and a black blanking plug for an extra fuel line that isn't used.

    The car now goes the best it ever has.

    Hope someone else finds this useful.


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