A4 2.0 tdi 190 2016 remapping


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Hi guys, picked up my new (new for me) a4 the other day, never had audi before I've always been a bmw guy and all I can say is wow...for me the difference is night and day, audi just feels that step up, but that may be me being slightly bias to my new baby haha.
Anyway I'm looking to get it remapped in the coming weeks/months and am quite stuck as to where. I live in widnes in the north west and looking at tuners websites a few give different figures and also alot of different prices ranging from £150 upwards of nearly £500 I'm not too sure as to what would warrant such a disparity in price (maybe you guys could help here) so my questions are...
Does anyone know of or have recommendations of anywhere here in the northwest for a remap?
Are the engines alright as standard or do i/will I need to change anything prior to the map (car has 40k)
How much should I be wanting to spend ?
And what would decent figures look like?

Cheers guys and sorry for my first post being rubbish



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I’d speak to Awesome GTI and see what maps they offer for your car. I believe they are an APR or REVO dealer. Both seem to have a good reputation


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Ok il give them a call tomorrow maybe, I just thought their figures of 220bhp from 190 was a little underwhelming, but maybe that's just me

Ricky Burrows

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From my experience of mapping you don't want to go cheap, also take the figures online with a pinch of salt, ideally you want to find a good reputable (custom mapping) shop they will make sure your car runs as safe as it can while still getting a better power curve and torque figure than the usual apr or revo maps as mentioned, revo also never live up to there expectations of figures I've witnessed a few cars go in to revo to have there bolt on stage kits fitted and mapping and they just never make what they say they would and certainly don't compete with other companies out there.

Your get good results from revo or apr don't get me wrong and there by far safer than the usual £150-200 **** going around everywhere nowadays but for what they are there very over priced, if you want a better map and something to give you the edge over the house hold name places then find a good independent live mapping company.

bobby singh

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Whoever you decide to use ask them some simple questions and you'll know who is feeding you rubbish.

1) What lambda are you aiming? this is important to prevent the DPF from clogging up
2) How much boost? and what is the stock?
3) what egt's are safe?

These are some simple questions and will help you determine who is just flashing a generic file on (flash and dash). Also, be aware a lot of "tuners" just turn off all temperature related maps like EGT, air intake temp oil temp etc so regardless of temp engine keeps pushing max power. This looks great on dyno power curves as there is no fuel correction. However, if you know what you are doing you can have it all - big gains with safety in mind.

Good luck


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some great advice from bobby there tbh, although i dont like the term flash and dash, just because the person doing the flashing cant answer the questions above doesnt mean the 'generic file supplier' doesnt :)

£150 will typically get you a generic remap (a known set of tuning changes to increase vehicle performance)

£500 could be custom map....how many times will they flash your ecu though after doing datalogging etc? i would expect atleast 3 for it to be called custom.....or it could be as per the £150 map just with a before and after rolling road graph. you indeed have to be careful

drop me a pm with your location and i can see if i know any 'tuners' in your area