A4 1.9 TDi 130 Quattro suspention


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Hi guys, I have A4 Quattro Sport 2004. Would like to have more ground clearance in winter, because of the hard snow/ice in the middle of the roads. Have snow tyres on spare set of rims and goes great but is so low, it's riping the bottom of the car off! I think I can remember the car having adjustable suspention as part of the sports pack ? Does any one know if it would be adjustable and would it make any differance to the ride hieght ? Thanks CJ


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The only way your going to lift the car is put SE springs on instead of sport springs
theres no standard height adjustment on the car .


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Thanks Paul, think I will just have to carry a pick in the car :banghead: Do you no if the under tray is easy to replace ?

Easy as pie, it's held in place with large plastic or metal screw fixing's two turn's and there out.