A3 tdi No start issue.


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Hi everyone,
If anyone has any ideas, any advice would be most welcome. The car is a 2004 140hp. The problems began with difficult starting, ie, cranking much longer than normal before starting for a few days, then a final failure to start at all. Rac guy said he could see no output from the ecu, and just wanted to tow to the garage. They did a few checks, and had no audi diagnostic equipment so were not able to diagnose the problem. In tank pump does not run with ignition on, but does run if I connect power directly to it. The car still will not start with the pump running. Fuel flows freely after the fuel filter. The tacho shows no sign of life whilst the engine is cranking, so maybe a crank sensor? Or maybe like the Rac guy suggested, a problem with the ecu?
Any ideas or suggestions of what to check next?


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Wrong section mate, this is etron only.