A3 Sline ordered with a v quick delivery aswell!


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May 23, 2007
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After a test drive for 4 days (I know it was nice of the garage) I went ahead and placed my order.

Test drove an A3 2.0tdi Sport with literally every option on possible, the car was an audi ex launch model so had most options fitted. Black colour. Here's my opinion on the options if anyone ever wants to PM me to ask what they were like!

Options fitted were;

5 arm dynamic wheels - Absolutely brilliant. Really wasn't sure I would like them but they looked the business on the car, if I was buying a sport I would choose these to set the car off.

Alacantara/Leather - Looked v nice and v comfortable.

Sports Suspension - Great not too firm (Like my BE) but not too soft felt great on bumpy roads and pleasure to drive.

Technology Package - Great sat nav v quick to follow the car's movements no drag and so easy to use, again if I had the money I would certainly spec this. The MMI touch was to be honest pointless so hard and distracting to use!

Comfort Package - V nice but I could certainly live without it.

Xenon Plus Light package - Had xenons on 3 A3's now and would never order another again without! They look great and on dark roads worth every penny. That said the adaptive xenons (ive had them before) are okay a bit of a gimmick I find, ordinary xenons work just as well.

Audi Sound system - An option I really thought would be a waste of money. I soon changed my mind. Its not like my current BOSE system but near as damn for the money it was brilliant. After 4 days I was impressed with it I ordered it on my car well worth the money in my opinion.

Interior Light Pack - Looks great especially the cup holders lit up but to be honest for me I could live without it. Again if money wasn't an issue I would select it.

Light/Rain sensor package - I find this option just annoying the wipers either go too fast or too slow. Personally wouldn't bother.

Storage/Luggage Package - This is standard on my previous A3 so I know its what I need. It was a cost option on this model and I think its worth it. Each to their own but having said that I did find the hooks underneath the parcel shelf in my current car and on the side walls have kind of gone with this new A3 which is sad so its worth it just not as good. In fact I think that's the only thing I didn't like on this car!

Privacy Glass - A must for us with a new one on the way I thought! They looked the business as-well in the demo car.

Hold Assist - Okay but I'm not paying for it in my new car.

Rear parking system - Good but I have these on work's cars and just ignore them to be honest so I wouldn't spec it.

I'm sure there was more options but I cant remember. It was a fantastic car so much more improved so it was a no brainer.

When I spoke to dealer he swapped a car on order for the garage and spec'd up to my model. That was 4 weeks ago, had a call on Thursday saying car is confirmed build date 5th Aug. Delivery start of sept.

Sorry to annoy people but I said its too soon so I had to put delivery back till end of sept. Anyway if anyone wants to know more about my demo car just shout!
Sounds like a lot of common options - though most say the interior light pack, hold assist are must haves! All down to personal preference I think.
I think the hold assist is considered worth the money by most people. It is one of the cheapest options.