a3 1.8 non turbo to turbo!


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how hard or easy would it be to turbo my a3 1.8.... would be easier to just do full engine swap for cupra engine? what u guys reckon??



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TBH mate, this has been asked more times than I can remember... unless you plan to go big turbo and all out you r are better off just selling what you have and buying one that VAG made...

There is a lot of work involved... not just an engine swap...

Biggest issue is the expense... I am a fine one to talk about wasting money but I at least started with an S3 and made it powerful enough for the outlay to be (kinda) worthwhile....

Unless there is a compelling reason to do so you are simply better off starting with a 1.8t and go from there... you will get much more out of it that way...



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Swap the engine. The cost in converting a n/a to a f/i would be too expensive