A little project


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Just a little project nothing fancy.

So the back story is my van dash cam packed in and thought id stick the old nextbase 312 gw from the a7 into van and upgrade for the A7

Got a kinda good limited time deal at £85 on a decent 2.5k rear view mirror camera that i done a little research on .

Well it can add a nice rear view parking camera if you want to install it that way too yada yada yada.

Looked a bit clunky and stupid wrapped over the thick oe mirror so ive decided to try a neater install.
Im just awaiting a ball socket adaptor and should report back during the week if i can get it to fit nicely.

One small caveat may be the wiring (blue plug) for the ambient air temp sensor has to be left out of circuit because its feeds come from the mirror itself that has been removed. this may cause something to not work right on the climate control???

Pin removal from plugs required to unthread wiring through mirror ball but can revert all back to original at any time.

i have rear camera inside car behind tinted window and the images are reduced to a poor quality to enable upload to page, so its a lot clearer to the eye than the pictures suggest but ive still to try at night

some pics see thumbnail images


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any one explain the windscreen capabilities
i have a couple spade terminals with pcb tracks going behind plasic moulding, curious to find out what its all about, most likely an option ive not got .
the camera looking job and the other depth sensor type looking entity above it ..... i had similar on last merc for headlight levelling to car in fronts brake lights or something similar??

i tried googling the pilkington number to get an explanation but this took me to a bmw forum stating this whole number is a data sheet for type of glass suitable for hud etc.

any input welcome to see if its something i can add or code to vehicle

more pics window resized.jpg window1 resized.jpg window2 resized.jpg window3 resized.jpg


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Parts arrived today and will get this done and hopefully tidy , tomorrow its just an idea in my head at the moment and may look naff when done but im up for a try.

The pegged mount will get shaved flat and bonded to the mirror cam with e6000 industrial glue used for jewellery and stuff its more an epoxy and clean to work with so far and has never let me down.
The rubber strap tangs will get bound together with
a black cord of some sort im sure ill find something

some pics of whats here and my plan
mount and mirror ball.jpg
mount reciept.jpg
mount fitted.jpg
mount and mirror cam.jpg
mount fitted1.jpg
rubber cup inside socket mount.jpg


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a bit of hungover diy here.
its now being left to set and will install tomorrow

size 111 o-ring to tidy the bands without cutting anything off - incase it doesnt work out for me and it needs to go back original
o rings..jpg
flattened to bond..jpg
socket bonded..jpg


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Ok ill wrap this up!
Your meant to leave the glue to cure for 24 hrs but i got impatient and dried it quicker by sitting it on top of my computer that has the liquid cooling radiator blowing out all the heat.

Its 90 % installed and im happy for now

Pic shows it turned off and it functions as a normal mirror but with a blue tint.
you can see the rear camera wire hanging down but i have sorted a cleaner installation since the picture was taken by routing it tight up into roof lining.
i would have liked to install as a reverse camera but its a good camera but its a big old clunky size and would be an eye catcher for the wrong reasons.

Cables on top of mirror are 2 x jacks for the gps module and the rear camera.

To the left is the power wire just dangling.

On car i have this already an installed power hardwire kit for the old camera , so i left it in , trouble is its a straight connection usb mini b connector and i need a 90 degree adaptor due to the tight headroom against plastic moulding above mirror.
i have ordered what i need ( a 90 degree usb minib adaptor right handed )( not left handed as i thought)

The camera obv comes with a 90 degree power adaptor but its a cigar lighter plug in job and im not a fan of temp install and wires everywhere.

Windscreen was reflecting a lot but its not a cluttered install / not an eyesore. and i like the minimal bezel look to it.

Im guessing this is a carbon copy setup of mirror attachment etc on an a6 and some others.