3 Door Sportback Rear Diffuser to a 5 Door Sportback


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Hi all,
My first post and I hope some one can confirm a question I have please.

I have a 5 door S-Line A3 on a 2015 plate.
I would like to fit the Quad exhaust from an S3 2014 plate 5 door.
Can someone please confirm will the Rear Diffuser from a 3 door S3 Sportsback 2014 fit on a 5 Door S-Line Sportsback 2015?

I have herd if the 5 door is a s-line body then yes the Diffuser will fit. But I would like more confirms to make sure. I know the 4 door saloon Diffuser will not fit on a 3 door sportsback.

Many thanks