3.0 quattro v 1.8t quattro


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what are the 3.0 v6's like reliability wise also whats the fuel cons like ,ive had b5 1.8tqs and they aint brilliant on fuel for a 1.8 , would it be better to go for a 3.0 quattro instead , thanks

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awaits loads of bull**** stories about 3.0V6's

Love mine


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I think it's each to their own really, the 1.8T will return more mpg, but might be potentially more unreliable?

Depends whether you want the V6 appeal, or like turbocharged engines!


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I got 28mpg average from my wifes 3.0 cab, compared to 33mpg from our 2.5tdi avant.

To really rub salt into the wound on the 9 mile treck into town during winter the 3.0 used to show 26mpg where as the 2.5tdi showed only 25mpg!! Very annoying.

jutlis 3.0

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i had 3.0 quattro and loved it. It was thirsty and they are no way near as tuneable as the 1.8t but in my opinion drive nicer and the soundtrack was great (particularly through a milltek) i would say there are far less potential problems as well. i wasnt looking for any specific model when i brought mine i just wanted a quatt sport 1.8t/2.5tdi/3.0 or an s line 190 and tried them all however when i stummbled across the 3.0 i had to have it.


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Love my 3.0 ! I do a 22 mile commute some dual carriage ways and some country lanes and I get 28 mpg bearing in mind mines an auto !


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I used to have a 3.0V6 Very good and reliable engine. 1.8T's are less reliable but more tunable.

If you don't plan to do any tuning then the 3.0 V6 is what I would go for.


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Had the 1.8t but I would get the 3.0 for v6 rumble :)


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I had a similar choice to make when I decided I wanted a performance 4WD Audi A3 variant.

It had to be 4WD and plenty of performance and equipment/luxury. I excluded the V6 Quattro due to my worries about tuneability (should I want to tune the car), the heavier front end which normally means a tendancy to understeer and very many reviews which, amongst other things, suggested the S3 chassis is better sorted. I also had previous experience of both V6 and Turbo engines and have to say I always feel more engaged driving a Turbocharged car. Potentially higher tax and running costs had a small influence too. Manual was also a must but I didn't get to the stage where I looked to see if the V6 Quattro did a manual version over the DSG.

I don't doubt the V6 quattro is a great car but the above were my reasons for chosing a modified 2003 Facelift S3 and I am very happy with it :)

BTW I even get averages of 34 mpg and generally higher if I do more frequent fuel computer resets and that's without pussy footing around !

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