245/35/19 on a Sportback: picture/feedback request


2019 A3 35TFSI S line
Did anyone fit or heard of the 245/35/19 tyres on the A3/S3 Sportback? There is a bunch of pictures of these tyres on a Saloon, and they have good reviews, but the Saloon can take wider wheel in comparison to the Sportback. I would appreciate your feedback and pictures. Thanks.


2016 A3 1.6 TDI
Hi dp_motley,

Previous summer I bought a set JR 28 19" for my Audi A3 2016 Sportback.
They are a bit wide but seems to fit pretty good :)


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2019 A3 35TFSI S line
From what I can see, the tires don't look meaty. However they look closer to the arc. Do they rub? What suspension do you have? And JR28, aren't they 8.5x19 ET40?

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2016 A3 1.6 TDI
Yhea your right, checked my purchase papers again and I have 235/35/19 instead of the 245 tires.

Still have the basic suspension, but speed bumps are kinky sometimes.

My sales man said that I should be ok with 235, but 245 will be a bit tricky.
Especially for speed bumps.

But thats for my A3 2016, dont know if the body size changed over the years.


2019 A3 35TFSI S line
No, the body is the same :) You can have troubles passing the speed bumps if your wheels poke out too much, as is the case with the 8.5x19 ET40 (the JR28 size).

Still nobody else here with the 245/40/19 tyres?