2017 s3 buzz noise


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Hi guys,
I have a 2017 s3 which I have had from new after about 3 months of ownership I started to get a buzz noise at 2.5k revs which is intermittent, the car can be in motion or at stand still. I am now into a year of ownership and still have the noise after visiting all of the local audi dealerships they cannot seem to locate the source of the noise. The dealership I perchased the car from have now washed there hands with me, they tell me that the car runs within spec so I am to put up with noise. They have refused to accept my rejection of the car. What are your thoughts on this and is anyone else getting this noise??


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Hi @Ben2960

A 2017 A3 would be the 8V - this is the 8P section. Post your query in the 8V section as some others may be better placed to help.

However, if it's a 2017 model isn't it still under the Audi Manufacturers warranty? Additionally, if you purchased from a dealer, under the Sale of Goods Act you're covered for 6 months as long as you report it to the dealer (obviousally you're out of this now).

This is a recent post from the 8P forum - take a read: http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/thread...-timing-chain-tensioner-advice-thread.337103/