2016 VW Touran Panoramic Sunroof Seal - Help needed!


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Jul 27, 2004
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Hi folks,

First post from me in a very long time, but hoping that VW/ Audi panoramic sunroofs are broadly similar in design/ fitment.

I noticed recently that the seal had come away from the roof over a length of about 2 inches. It had actually twisted round and gotten caught under the sunroof (God knows how that could happen though). The sunroof was actually serviced by the VW garage in March 2021, and I have no idea if this could have something to do with that, but they of course plead ignorance...

So I asked the local VW approved service centre to take a look. They advised it was natural wear and tear, but were able to untwist it and put it back, albeit not fully bonded to the roof. They also appear to have chipped the paint in the process, which is a bit annoying, but they will no doubt deny all knowledge of that...

Please see the attached photos - the first one is a close-up so you can see where the seal has come away from the bodywork, and the chip/ scratch in the paint. The second one shows the length of seal that appears to be affected:

IMG 20210827 140131

IMG 20210827 140131

I've been told by VW that the repair would entail removing the sunroof (and headlining), and fitting a completely new seal, which sounds very expensive. The guy at the VW garage suggested that it could just be re-bonded at that point as a DIY fix, however I don't know what kind of adhesive to use.

I was also told that the risk of water ingress was small because of where the seal had come away. Apparently any water would be caught by the drainage channels, but I'm understandably concerned that this might not be the case. If anyone here can help reassure me it would be appreciated :)

Any information, insight or assistance from this forum would be very gratefully received :)

Thanks in advance,