Q7 2016 Q7 ride height


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Aug 3, 2011
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I am a new owner of a 2016 Q7 3.0 TDI SLine 272ps with 43k on the clock, having previously owned a 2010 Q7 3.0 TDI SLine.

I am concerned / a bit confused about how high the 2016 Q7 is - it seems much lower than my last Q7, particularly at the rear. My new 2016 Q7 has normal suspension, my old Q7 had adaptive air suspension and whilst I know that might make a difference I am concerned something else may need looking at / fixing on my new car.

I have taken my own measurements and compared the height of the boot level, unladen and on a flat surface, and compared this to the 2016 MY brochure, and my car seems to be measuring 6-7cm lower than the brochure suggests it should be.

I have also measured floor to top of wheel arch on each tyre. Fronts are measuring 83cm, rears are measuring 80cm. I do not have the Audi specification for what these measurements should be and was wondering if anyone might have a repairs manual or similar that might detail what these should be? I guess the rear should not be 3cm lower than the front?

Any thoughts or advice here would be very gratefully received - either on possible cause or how the car should measure, or even for measurements floor to wheel arch on any other owned similar Q7s. My car is booked in with Audi for further investigation next week and I would like to be prepared with as much info as possible.

Many thanks for help.
Stick your head under the car and have a look at the springs. Sounds like you could have aftermarket / lowering springs on there given that you have standard / mag ride suspension. If you had Air then I would have suggested “lowering links”.