2016 A6 Avant Allroad Tailgate Trim removal...

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I have been asked to fit a front and rear facing dashcams for a customer on a 2016 A6 3.0TDi Avant Allroad.

Can anyone shed any light on how to remove the trim surrounding the top of the tailgate so I can feed the wires for the rear window mounted cam through the wiring channel and then into the head lining and finally to the front of the car?

I would assume from past experiences that it would be the same as an A4, remove base section first then the top, but just wanted to check with you guys in case there were any new 'nasties' hidden in the background??



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Erwin isn't an option due to cost and from past experience unreliability of information relating to particular models....


I went and did the job yesterday and found that if you used a plastic trim removal tool on the back of the hinge, the outer edge, and put pressure on the plastic, the cover, which only hides the wires at the front of the hinge will pop off and allow access to feed the wire through to the head lining.

To feed from the rear window, you need to again use a TRT and pry the top plastic trim away from the window to feed the wire through.

Everything pushes back in place..


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Erwin is part of Audi online diagnostic system that dealers use, and it's got all the relevant information required for every model. I've used either erwin or elsawin (now obsolete and replaced with erwin) and all the of the models that I've worked on from a 1996 B5 A4 to a current 2018 A3 v8 have been in there. I could have never run a retrofit business without these tools, and even thought it's been a wile since I did retrofitting as a business it's help with maintaining & retrofitting on friends, family and my own cars.


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Just had a 35% smoke to windows behind b-pillar done by total tinting, their unit is 2 doors from ours so i got to see how much was stripped
away to do the tailgate glass, I shall ask Geof tomorrow for you and get as much detail as possible


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Evening, I had a word with me bud and he showed me on my car. he said it's better to pop out the tailgate button if fitted, and the small light if fitted and disconnect the wires as there isn't a lot of length on 'em. Slide the 2 access panels to the sides and there's 2 torx in there, the other 2 are behind your warning triangle. then it clips off with a small amount of pressure. the upper part snaps out from it clips and start at the bottom and work to the top part, if you look up inside with bottom panel off you will see how it is clipped on.
**** with a phone so i didn't get all 4 bolts but three of them are arrowed here