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2014 S3 8V1 - Mega spec

Chris Stephens Jun 25, 2018

  1. Chris Stephens

    Chris Stephens chriswithbeard

    Hi all, currently awaiting delivery of my 2014 S3 8V1 just purchased from England. There is 49,000 miles on it and one owner (grade one vehicle so hopefully its as clean as they said!) Going to do a bit of a progress thread, not going to go mad with the car - enough to make it personal yahoo!

    I work for VW in Northern Ireland and checked the vehicle on our system (SLI) before I purchased it... it has some SERIOUS bit of spec on it (from my calculations near £10,000 worth)... I will paste the spec below, let me know what you all think! Cheers!!


    Optional extras list

    1. Equipment and design packages

    [WB4] Technology pack+Audi Connect
    [UE7] Electric interface for external use AUX-IN, USB and iPod
    [7UG] Navigation system - High
    [EL3] Online service, with OCU, with head unitcoding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
    [I8G] MMI navigation plus

    23. Suspensions/brakes

    [PC2] Brake calipers in red+S3 logo
    [1KJ] Disc brakes, rear
    [1LJ] Disc brakes, front

    10. Seats/seating comfort
    [PS6] S sports seat
    [7P1] Electric lumbar support
    [Q4P] Bucket seats
    [3NU] Through-load facility

    12. Trim

    [5MY] Inlays, 3D design black

    19. Radio and TV systems

    [9VS] Bang & Olufsen sound system

    20. Telephone and communications

    [9ZE] Audi phone box

    22. Assistance systems

    [7Y5] Audi active lane & side assist
    [7W1] Audi pre-sense basic
    [UH2] Auto release function
    [PCE] Driver assistance pack
    [7X2] Parking+, front and rear
    [8G1] High beam assistant
    [6K4] Front Assist incl. city automatic emergency braking for ACC high
    [8T3] Adaptive Cruise Control
    [7Y4] Lane departure warning
    [8N6] Light / rain sensor
    [4GH] Windscreen with grey tinted strip
    [7X5] Parking+/park assist
    [KA2] Reversing camera

    4. Lights

    [QQ4] Interior lighting pack

    [PX7] LED headlights
    [8IT] LED headlamps
    [8Q5] Adaptive headlights
    [8WM] Fixed bending and all-weather light
    [8N6] Light / rain sensor
    [4GH] Windscreen with grey tinted strip

    7. Locking systems

    [PG3] Advanced Key
    [7AL] Anti-theft alarm with tow-away protection
    [4F2] Advanced key

    5. Mirrors

    [PU7] Auto-dim RVM+Light/Rain Sensor
    [4L6] Auto-dimming rear-view mirror
    [8N6] Light / rain sensor
    [4GH] Windscreen with grey tinted strip
    [6XK] Door mirror-dim/elec/fold/heat

    8. Glass

    [VW1] Privacy glass

    17. Other interior equipment

    [7HE] Ext mono.pur interior finish


    Interior Trim Colours - Seats/Dashboard/Carpet/Headliner

    [XG] black-lunar silver/black-black/black/ black

    Exterior colours - (crystal effect)

    [H8H8] Panther Black, crystal effect

    S3 - 1.png
    S3 - 2.png S3 - 3.png S3 - 4.png S3 - 5.png S3 - 6.png
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
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  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Platinum Supporter S tronic Audi Main Dealer

  4. SPIKE_S3

    SPIKE_S3 Well-Known Member Team Ara Blue Team Daytona Gold Supporter

    Welcome to ASN Chris. Great spec on your new S3....enjoy!

    As Sandra said, check out the events section for the Belfast Audi meet in September. It is a great few hours.
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  5. Chris Stephens

    Chris Stephens chriswithbeard

    Thanks @SPIKE_S1 & @Sandra I will have to check the calendar for that date - appreciate the warm welcome look forward to getting a few more posts on.
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