2012 A7 Nav Update


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hello all, asking a question on behalf of my dad! He’s got a 2012 A7 and he wants to update the sat nav software how do we do this? Thanks John.


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Create an account on myAudi.com

He will need the VIN number for the initial registration.

Once account is set up and logged in, go to Audi Connect—>Map Update.

You can select full European map set, or just UK, then download, follow instructions. I find it easier to transfer files to a usb stick, then pop in MMI usb slot.

You can now go to MMI navigation settings and update from there, selecting usb as the source.

Depending on your MMI version, you may have an option to download over your 4G connection, if you have a data SIM installed.

It’s quite a large file size, so I prefer to use broadband speeds, and not use up data allowance.

If your using a MAC instead of a PC, you need latest flash version installed and enabled before you start the download.


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I went onto my Audi to look for the nav updates and this is all i can find on the nav bit????



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Wheres the bit that allows you to download map updates???


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I have Audi connect but cant get it to update so i wouldnt worry bud...

If theres away of doing it for free though im up for that


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Only facelift models got the free updates and even then it's only the first 5 updates are free.