Q7 2006 Q7 with TV - how to use SD card


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I have a Q7 from 2006 which has MMI 2G High with a TV tuner. It has a CD changer in the dashboard (not in the glove box)

I would really like to be able to use a USB stick, SD card, phone or something other than CD's.

What are my options?

Install AMI? How is that done? The guides I see have the CD changer in the glove box. And some say something about copy protection and needing a dealer to code the AMI? I have a cable for coding the regular stuff - don't know if that is enough.

Or should I hook something up to the "External source" for the TV tuner? Where is this located? As this is analog, I wouldn't be able to control it from the MMI, which is not ideal.

Any help is greatly appreciated :) Thanks