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2003 s4 avant 2.7tt engine swap. Help needed!

Team Gnarly Jul 12, 2018

  1. Team Gnarly

    Team Gnarly New Member

    Hey guys. I need help! I have a 2003 s4 avant, piston went last year so i pulled the v8 and replaced it with a 2.7tt from a 2001 a6. Engine is in but i am stuck with the wiring. I have the diagrams for both cars and have 80-90%+ of the wiring done (all documented) but nothing when i turn the key.. Ecu isn't switching on (could be as simple as starter motor signal..) Due to a sudden family loss i just have not got it in me to complete this project myself any longer. Having got so far i cant just give up now. So i am asking if anybody has any contacts whether they are companies, qualified auto electricians or just enthusiasts like myself but have the neccesary skills i lack. I am in swindon, Wiltshire. Have tried local companies but nobody is willing to continue a project i started. I am happy to pay the going rate. It would of meant so much to my son if i could get my car running again, it means more to me now than ever. Just need help..

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