2003 A6 No radio reception

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Hey all,

Haven't posted for quite a while but I am the owner from new of a 2003 Audi A6 1.8T Quattro Sport. Now on 140,000 miles and aiming for twice that.

So, my radio picks up nothing other than Radio 2 and then very faintly (just been listening briefly to Tony Blackburn - didn't think he was even still alive!!). I have bought an adaptor to plug in an old fashioned aerial to the back of the radio and everything works perfectly so it is a problem with the wiring/aerial setup.

I took it to the local vehicle electrics place and they told me it was the diversity module. So I bought a (tested and working) replacement on ebay and it made no difference. They can find no other fault but I think they're just not keen to get involved for some reason. A pal of mine has the VAG diagnostics system on a laptop and he plugged it in last night and got 2 faults as follows:

00858 - connection; Radio Intermediate Frequency (IF) Output to Antenna Amplifier.
44-00 Short Circuit

00856 - Radio Antenna.
36-00 - Open Circuit

I have removed and cleaned up the roof mounted aerial in case it was a grounding issue but I don't think that is the issue since the roof is painted and there doesn't look to be a separate earth there.

I've noticed when listening to Radio 2 that the sound improves dramatically when I hold the diversity module in my hand and even when I grab the wire that runs from the roof mounted aerial. But I still can't get any other stations even when holding the diversity module in my hand.

No idea how to proceed from here. Disappointed to have paid a vehicle electrics outfit and still not get it fixed so not that keen to take it somewhere else until I have some idea what the problem might be. Frustrating that I can plug in an old aerial from a classic car and get great reception when all the sophisticated Audi gubbins in the rear isn't working!

I've been reading other forums and it looks like there may also be multiple boosters on this car located up the door pillars? Don't know if that is part of the problem or how I would find out!

Hope someone out there can help!

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OK thanks, so that's an easy change but wouldn't the side window antennae pick up the slack when the roof fails or is it the main antennae? I guess it's there for a reason!