2002 S3 Headlamp washers


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I have tried searching the FAQ's and previous posts but can't find a solution to a problem i'm having with my headlamp washer jets.

Basically my headlamp washers don't seem to work with the water pressure from the pump and I can't figure out why.

The washer pump kicks in after a few seconds and if I disconnect the first connection to the headlamp washers I can see water pumping through the system, however the jets dont pop up when connected. I tried a little compressed air and got them to pop up fine.

Is there something i'm missing?


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Maybe not enuf pressure to push the jets out as they should
But enuf to pump water through


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Fill your washer bottle so it's full. Then re-try. If they don't pop up (and your headlamps are on) there is a problem somewhere.


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blockage/dirt in the washer bottle restricing flow to the pump maybe? Also check that the washer nozzles arent damaged as if they've fallen out then all the pressure will be lost so they wont raise.


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I thought there wasn't enough pressure getting to the jets to push them up. The washer nozzles are still in place too... This is strange.

I will try another pump and see if that gives more pressure.