2001 Allroad C5 2.5 tdi Auto Tip Gearbox Oil and Diff change?


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At 156k I think it’s time to do the Gearbox oil/Filter and Diff oils...

Anyone offer and "easy" to follow guides/walkthroughs ideally with Pictures etc...

That or recommend a reputable garage in the Bolton/Manchester region?

It seems at times in MANUAL tiptronic mode more obvious, like riding the clutch if that makes sense?

I.e. will go around a corner in 3rd engine will sound like its in 2nd then engine note will indicate its engaged 3rd..like its slipping?

But once locked in a gear is fine and knowing how crucial the oil is to the opperation and its miles just hoping its that and all will be well?

Hope that makes sense..

Oh, also, I read that you should not use any "adatives" like the lucas stuff, is that true and why what effect can it have and why?

Much appreciated...

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Only use the genuine oil and strainer and make sure the garage know how to fill properly the gearbox...the level is checked at the right temperature !

Mike B

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I think its an Audi only job cos if theres any mistake the box is toast.My A4 is in there now cos someone took the wrong drain plug out!!


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you have to have vagcom plugged in to monitor temp, has to be done at certain temp and drains and fill from same point, so you need pump.