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2.8 12v timing belt Question

chads a4 b5 Jul 22, 2009

  1. chads a4 b5

    chads a4 b5 New Member

    Hello everyone,new to site.

    I have a 1997 2.8 12v car. The timing belt snapped. I've been searching through the posts trying to find out all I can about my Audi.

    I'm going to install a new belt and to a compression check with my fingers crossed.

    Just need to clear something up. So I get the big center holes on the cam plates as close to lining up as I can and then loosen the cam sprockets so the cams will freely turn back to zero lash install the belt and the button it all back up.

    Nothing I have read is really clear about the cams being loose on the front of the cams.

    Could someone please shed some knowledge on this for me I.

    Thanks again.:greyrs4:
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    i very much doubt you want to loosen the cams and let them "turn back freely" as you put it...

    The cams need aligned correctly. The cam isnt keyed to the sprocket, so you need to align the cam, then align the sprocket, then bolt them together. Not sure why VW/Audi do this with their engines, its a bloody stupid idea if you ask me.

    There will either be some markings somewhere on the cam, or you will have to adjust it so a particular measurement is correct (ie maximum lift on a particular valve or something) then tighten the pulleys onto the end of the cam shafts.

    If the belt snapped when driving then i would suggest that things will almost certainly be bent. You will need new valves at the very least, and quite possibly other damage will have occured like cracked valve guides etc depending on how fast the engine was running when the belt snapped.
  3. chads a4 b5

    chads a4 b5 New Member

    I feel like a dumb a$$. I was reading the part about pulling the sprockets off the cams until they rotate but did not realize the locks on the front are actually keyed!! LOL Hell if you use the locking tool you cant hardly go wrong.

    Lock the cams with the big holes in, bring the crank to TDC and put on the belt. The damn gears move to aid in installation of the belt. I was way over thinking it with out actually looking at it. I'm liking the Audi the more I get to know it.

    Sorry for the dumba$$ question. In my defense I had been drinking a few at the time of the post.

    Thanks for the reply.:asskicking:

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