2.5 V6 TDI - Injector pump problems


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Hope someone can help:

I have a 2005 Audi All-Road, while in Switzerland the car broke down, the Audi garage plugged in and says the car requires a new injector pump and quoted me 5000 CHF! (3,700 GBP) to fix the problem. I towed it out of the garage and into the car park next door, changed the glow plugs and used easy start to try to at least get it running again, but no luck.

Is it possible to change an injector pump in a car park with basic mechanical knowledge or is it a proper garage job?
or is there a way to get the car running and back to the UK at least?

At the moment, annoyingly, the cheapest option is to fly back to Scotland, hire a trailer and tow it back to the UK and get it into a garage that doesn't charge swiss prices and repair it with a refurb part.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.


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You MAY be able to remove the pump, take it back to the UK and send it to Diesel Bob.

He'll refurb it and then you could take it back and refit it.

If you are VERY lucky, if you turn the engine until you can see the 'top' mark (UT??) on the right hand bank front cam lobe through the oil filler hole, then adjust until you can get a 6mm or so drill/rod/Allen Key into the pump alignment holes before you remove it and mark everything with Tippex you may be able to put it back and it will start and run well enough to get you back.
Chances are you'll have problems starting it though.

These vehicles need to be timed dynamically using a diagnostic package.
VCDS is the best commercially available/affordable package and the lead will set you back around £250-300.(NHN on here is an authorised dealer and gives good prices on these leads - you'll find him in the VCDS section)
The Indie garage may well do all this for you at a reduced price which would be your best bet I suspect, or just remove and refit the pump allowing you to get it refurbed by Bob and send it back to them.
You may even be able to persuade them to time it for you if you fit it

Just replacing it with a second hand unit will require coding (AFAIK) as I think with your age vehicle it ties into the Immobiliser.

It may well be worth asking for the fault codes and posting them here and there may be other options
It is also possible to just send away the ECU off the pump for repair. I believe this is a poor option as there are internal mechanicals on the pump that wear too - but this could be done leaving the pump in-situ and saving you any timing problems.

Keep us posted and good luck!