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dan mead Sep 28, 2020

  1. dan mead

    dan mead New Member

    I wonder if someone could help. I've recently replaced my manifold intake gaskets as they were leaking and in doing so had to remove the diesel injector rails/pipes/lines(not sure of the correct term). I made up a diagram of which went where and laid them out carefully, and thought i had put everything back correctly. However now i seem to have a really bad misfire possibly on more than 1 cylinder. Is it possible to fit the rails incorrectly, they don't seem to sit as neatly as they did, and although i didn't really have to force them several didn't seem to go on as easily as i thought they maybe should. I cannot actually get the little tidy clamps back onto the rails, something else that's ringing alarm bells.
    If someone could let me know the correct sequence, say numbered 1 to 6 on the engine block to corresponding numbered ports the other end that would be great.
    It was really difficult to start once I'd put it back together and it runs really rough, smokes loads and won't pull at all under any load. Only ran it briefly as i don't want to damage it further.
    It had a known maf fault as well (short/open circuit to earth) but now has a new sensor and wiring has all been checked and is good, fault has been cleared so that should not be the issue, i had hoped it was! As is say it hasn't thrown up any new code so no help there.
    Thank you in advance for any help
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  3. stevey83

    stevey83 Registered User

    Did you replace the injectors in the right order? They are coded for fuel flow rates, so need to go back in the right cylinder. You may also need to bleed the system. What did you replace the MAF with? In my experince the only MAF to use is Bosch.

    If everythings not back in tight your probably getting air leaks.

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