1st RS4 - buying advice?

mad mike

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Hi everyone - great site!
I'm off to look at a 51K miles 2001 RS4 tomorrow and wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom? Apparently it's been chipped and has a Miltec(?) exhaust and gives 460BHP. It also has a short shift and AP racing calipers all round. I have a friend who has a factory standard RS4; who says I shouldn't touch this car with a barge pole as the incresesed power is not intended for the car/engine. anyone got any thoughts/experiences? also; is there anywhere near Solihull i can get this car fully checked over before parting with the cash? Will i notice much difference between this and the L200 warrior i'm currently driving (jus kiddin)


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Most important, find out who did all th mods and make sure its one of the reputable dealers (like Amd). You could then phone Amd or whoever and see if they remember the car etc.
Not sure about the suitability etc but if you are someone who expects it to just run without any probs, I would say go for a std one; tuning has its issues!..
Fontain.co.uk have quite a good reputation and have 2 rs4 avants in stock i think.


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Theres no problems with tuning the RS4, its built like a brick.
If you did end up buying a standard one, you would need to modify it anyway as the brakes are poor and its really could do with a remap to get the best out of it
I prefer to buy a modified car as you save on the cost of the mods, which are pretty expensive for the RS4.