1996 t sport head gasket gone - end of the road?


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wife broke down the other day, coolant hose split in cold weather, lost all coolant and drove the car until the oil pressure light came on.

new coolant hose on and now the car loses coolant and failing sniffer test :(

180k miles, head gasket needed, skimmed head and 4.5 hours work plus fluids = beyond car worth.

was thinking of breaking or just selling onto the scrappy

worth pursuing ?? or just get rid?

opinions welcomed


Depends what the car is worth to you. For the cost of the repair plus the scrap money will you get another car?


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highly unlikely the head needs skimming
cost of gasket and fluids is worth it IMO


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DIY mate but I would always have the head refaced as a matter of course doing a headgasket swap especially in your case where it's failure is the result of overheating.