1. P

    Buying a used Audi A3 2005

    Ok I've found a private seller that's listed a 1.6 A3 2005 and wants £1400, I'd test drive to see if its faster than my 1.2 Corsa lol. I have some pictures below, 103000 miles interior looks about right. I would scan for codes and do an inspection before test driving of course. MOT advisories...
  2. Jake95

    Buying Advice on a Used Approved S3

    Hi there guys looking for advice on how much I should pay for the following spec car. Is used approved so understand will be more expensive than an independent dealer. Link to spec list below. Thanks in advance.
  3. aar007

    *RS3 8P buying advice needed*

    Dear ASN community, I'm looking into buying and RS3 8P, and I have a few questions: 1. I have noticed none of the advertised rs3 had a panoramic sunroof, was that never an option on the RS? 2. I love how sexy the wingback seats are, and they give the interior a very sporty vibe, but is it...
  4. V6_Man

    Suggestions please! A3 S-tronic Sportback - Diesel or Petrol

    Folks, I have been trying to search the complex world of web however, couldn't find a definitive answer so thought I'd ask you helpful lot! I have an A4 B7 (2.0 Tdi CVT 140bhp with 65k on the clock) that I want to sell and buy an A3 Sportback (this is not selling thread, at all). The A3 is...
  5. can31

    Used K04 turbo - cleaning & installation?

    Hello everyone, I just bought used K04 turbo for my 2.0 TFSI. Although it looks fine, do you think that I should clean it prior the installation? Any suggestion what should I do prior the installation? Best regards, P.
  6. Dylan Johnson

    Quick question, can you program used key fob?

    If I bought a used key with same part number and frequency will vcds program it or will it need to be a new un-programmed fob?
  7. J

    Advice on a used MK2 Audi TT Roadster

    Hi guys, So I bottled it when looking to lease a lovely Mk3 model last month. Since then I've been browsing the approved used market but today noticed this fella on Autotrader. Looks stunning with some nice extras however is that too cheap a price?? Any advice would be hugely appreciated...