1. audiA7kidd

    Sold Audi A7 C7 Steering Wheel S-Line

    GENUINE COMPATIBLE WORKING AUDI AIRBAG INCLUDED IN SALE!!! AUDI A6 C7 A7 4G8 S LINE LEATHER MULTIFUNCTION STEERING WHEEL WITH PADDLE SHIFTS. Condition is "Good condition and Used”. £399 Posted Hello all, for sale is my recently removed (15/04/21) Audi Multifunctional steering wheel taken...
  2. A

    Understeer on B9 S4 Avant

    Is it me or does even the new S4 still suffer from understeer? Or perhaps I'm just way to aggressive a driver!? Seems despite me having a 4 wheel alignment and brand new set of rubber on the front it still tends to understeer If traction is reduced ie it's wet and I say pull out from a T...