1. A


    Hey, I’m about to put my personalised registration number up for sale(just put on retention due to selling my TT) Perfect registration for a TTS owner, so thought I would see if anyone is interested/wants to make me an offer? ‘TT5 1 OWN’ Amy :)
  2. L

    For Sale Audi sat nav plus rnse for sale

    Would anyone be interested in a swap or sale, i have the audi sat nav plus rnse with book and code, aux extra and bluetooth extra, also has latest audi sst nav disc with it
  3. L

    For Sale Bkd 6 speed gear box plus all engine parts except head and block for sale!

    Items for sale all of a pd140 bkd engine
  4. Matty_

    Facelift Selling my S3

    Unfortunately, the time has come to be an adult and buy a house which means my S3's time has come to move on. How have people fared when selling theirs on Auto Trader and the likes? Does anyone have any recommendations for where to list it? 2018 Ara Blue S-tronic. Virtual Cockpit, SS Seats...
  5. Luke Buchan

    Sold Audi A4 (B8) 2.0 Tdi S-Line - Performance Diesel Tuned by Darkside Developments (UK)

    For sale is my Audi A4. Im selling as its time to upgrade to a new s4! I purchased the car back in 2014 with 29k on the clock. It now sits at an average 79,000 for its age. Most of this has been motorway mileage due to work commitments. She is my daily driver so will be rising slowly too. This...
  6. Daggerit

    For Sale 2017 B9 S4 Avant

    Hey guys, Just putting this one out there in case there happens to be anyone looking for a car like mine so that I can potentially fund a new motorcycle. [emoji4] Since there's apparently no 'S' orders being taken until Q2 of 2019 it might be a chance to get into an S4 before then if you're...
  7. LanceG

    HOW TO CHECK Injectors

    Hey all I purchased some Injectors for my car wayyyyyyyyy back for my A3 bkd 170 as I was told from Audi they were damaged, So i got 4 from ebay from an 07 Octavia VRs to go on however.... I ended up selling the car a while ago (Long story with some garage...