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  1. A

    Help Please S4 B8.5 - Shaking under braking only in sport at high speed

    Hi there. Got a real head scratcher, could do with some help/advice. I have a 2013 S4 B8.5, and on certain occasions I have a shaking/shuddering when lightly braking at speed. It seems to only happen in sport mode, and only after driving fairly hard and normally over 100. It varies in strength...
  2. C

    S4 3.0TFSi automatic gearbox change / gearbox locked

    Hello, I have trouble with replacing S4 TFSi 2011 automatic gearbox. When i put completely the same, but different one (my old one had bad gears) I got transmission locked problem. Dash shows SAFE instead of mileage and also gear selector does nothing, car only revs on neutral. When I...
  3. R

    Comparing S4 / A4 3.2 avant

    Narrowed down my want list to one of the above cars. I have found one of each in very good condition. The S4 has just over 90k with FSH and well looked after. 55 plate lower tax bracket, S line kit without GPS. Offered for just over 6k. The A4 avant 3.2 has only 60k miles again FSH. S line kit...
  4. G

    Bluetooth module - phone prep help

    Hi all. I bought myself a 2010 S4 Avant a couple of weeks ago. I've moved on from Imprezas and I'm very happy with the Audi. Everything's an upgrade from the Imprezas, (I'm not sure about the handling yet as I haven't thrown it around yet like I did with the scoobys). I need some assistance...
  5. A

    S4 - Is It Worth It ?!

    So, after much searching I’ve found a potential S4 Avant to buy. It’s a 2009 with literally every option specced apart from garage link ... full history. Gearbox replaced 20k miles ago. New timing chain and supercharger belts too. New tyres and brakes. On 100k miles and it’s up for £13,900...
  6. A

    S4 Buying Advice

    Morning everyone, Been reading around here for quite a while and found it very useful ! Having had a couple of BMWs I’m looking a coming back to Audi with an S4 Avant. I’ve found a few interesting looking cars but just wondered if anyone had any input on a couple of things... I’ve found a...
  7. Splodgeit

    What's the best product to get those shinny S4 exhaust pipes back?!

    Hi All, I'm just wondering if there are any old wife's tails on how to clean chrome exhaust tips? Mine are have layer of black stuff followed by a layer of dirt. I quite fancy trying to make them silver again!
  8. Splodgeit

    Temporary hold on new Audi S4 Orders!?

    Has anyone else seen this link below? https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/audi-s4-and-s5-sales-halted-new-engine-software-tested Fingers crossed they don't "hold" live orders as I only got my order in last week.
  9. Splodgeit

    S4 Specfic Rubber Floor Mats??

    Hi all, Does anyone know a good place to get Rubber Floor Mats for the B9 S4? Are there specific S4 Matts or will any old Mat do? I've had a look online and I see you can get B9 Rubber mats with A4 on them but just wonder if I can gets ones with S4 on them or even Blank... Any ideas or help...
  10. Splodgeit

    The Long wait for my B9 S4 Avant... New here!

    I need to thank everyone who has added content about the B9 S4 avant! Without it I would of struggled to decide between the 3.0TDI 272 or the S4! Thanks all and looking forwards to my first ever Audi! :s4addict:
  11. T

    Audi S4 vs A1 ... A Story Of Two Cars

    Before I start this review, allow me to take 10 minutes of your time to explain the journey and how I have come to this point of owning both a new 17 Audi S4 and A1. I have been fortunate to own some reasonably quick cars and have a history of never keeping them very long, usually 12 – 18...
  12. J

    New Audi S4 - Am i missing anything?

    Hi Everyone, i'm new to the Audi Sport forum and great to be here. I placed my order for a new Audi S4 Avant on Saturday and just wanted to get peoples opinions on the spec and if there is anything i have missed which i might regret - i've included the details below; AUDI S4 Avant Metallic...
  13. G

    Geoff's B9 S4 Avant Thread

    Picked up my S4 Avant today, thankfully no problems at the collection and local Audi garage looked after me well. Very pleased with the car so far, I'll post a quick recap of spec and some initial thoughts after the all important first photographs.
  14. Brasso

    Brasso's B9 S4 Avant Thread

    So having Started off the S4 Avant ordered thread I thought I'd start off my own thread. Somewhere for me to share my thoughts on my S4. Well, it was @Bristle Hound's idea actually. Thanks BH :tongueout: Having been back through the S4 Ordered thread I've chopped out and collated them into the...
  15. D

    B9 and Blackvue

    I've recently purchased a B9 S4 Avant as a move from my Q5 Sline Plus. In my Q5 I have a Blackvue DRW-650 2 channel dash cam mounted. The front camera sits under the console that holds the rear view mirror. With the introduction of the pre-sense camera I assume this mounting position will...