rear diffuser

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    Audi A4 sline rear diffuser twin exit for sale

    Brand new Audi A4 sline B8.5 twin exit rear diffuser will fit 2012/2015 model can post anywhere in the uk if needed £120 plus what ever postage will be
  2. S

    Audi A3 8p S-line Rear Bumper Diffuser Trim Single Pipe needed, as mine fell off !!

    Well strangely mine has fallen off, don't know when or how. Only found out when someone at work pointed it out, thought they were joking at first. Seen a few on ebay but want to make sure i'm getting the right one, or know of a good seller. Do they just clip back on ?
  3. L

    PFL S3 8V Rear Diffuser

    Hi guys, new member here! Looking for a gloss black rear diffuser for an S3 8V sportback Pre Face Lift. Where’s the best place to go as having trouble finding them online? (Would prefer to find one with a red trim) Thanks!
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    Audi RS3 MTM Rear Bumper Diffuser - A3 8P

    Hi I've seen this rear diffuser on a RS3 Sportback, after some research I've found out its one from MTM. I need some help in finding out what type of RS rear diffuser is this because I've been trying to match it with no success, maybe RS5/ RS4. My plan is to get an RS rear diffuser similar...