1. U

    A3 2011 S-Line Bumper on fit 2007? plz help :(

    Hi All, so someone just done a hit and run causing damage to my front bumper and wing on driver side. I have a 2007 plate A3 Black Edition S-Line 5 door. I cant find the front bumper as it shows most of the S-Line front bumpers are for 2008-2012. Will this fit? Any help will be appreciated :)...
  2. ScottyW92

    RS3 8V B&O Sound System Survey

    Hi All, Just doing a quick survey to help me understand if i have a specific issue with my Audi RS3 8V B&O Sound System or if this is a common design fault with this particular model which is what my dealership is trying so hard to convince me of. Issue: Audible crackle in all speakers when...
  3. S

    Exhaust tips

    Just wondering if anyone has bought any aftermarket tips. Mine doesn't have any at the moment and with the oil burning issue they are black as night so just want to add some chrome ones to give the car the look it should have.
  4. AudiTom

    A5 2008 to FaceLift rs look?

    Hey, Members of the alpha race. I just got my A5 3.0TDI before I bought this car I intended to do a facelift conversion I have scoward the internet for information on how to go about FL rs looking it I mean im doing the backend after, this seems easier than the front so I was looking at using...
  5. Tmr

    Pre-Facelift Angel eyes: Bulbs

    Hello, I just bought a pair of "used", (never fitted) Angel eyes headlights from I belive FK in Germany. Does anyone know if the blinker bulbs are the same as in the pre-facelift original lights? I also need to know what parking bulbs have been used (maybe W5W)? Im not sure :/ Help would be...
  6. scotty dugg

    S3 Pre-Facelift Grill - Painting

    Millions of threads asking about what are the options for for aftermarket grills (answer: one rare option) But there's no-where for any info on how to paint these, got a damaged repairable grill to put on the car once it's painted. Any tips, tricks, recommended paints to use from those that...
  7. AudiTom

    A5 2009 facelift conversion

    I see people online doing pre facelift to facelift conversions. doesn't this cost a lot of money? what would you need to do it? Bumper Wings Bonnet Lights? coding needed? will the panels fit the old car easily ? just wondering anyway quite like my pre facelift
  8. scotty dugg

    Painting 8P Pre-Facelift Grill (Tips & Tricks) - Help

    Hi All, Been fixing up a broken pre-facelift grille for fitting to my 57' S3, almost at the stage to start painting. Just looking for some tips/tricks for getting a good finish, I know it's all in the prep work, but do people primer first or use a bonding agent or just go straight in with the...