1. W55LSY

    Removing excess wax/polish

    So, my recently purchased car has been waxed/polished so many times that rain literally falls off it it. this isn’t such a bad thing, however I have marks on the bonnet I want to get to which look like tree sap maybe?? Is there a product available to remove the many layers of wax/polish so I...
  2. Shortyian

    Summer Autoglym Super Resin Polish & HD Wax

    Just finished giving him summer polish & wax - an awful lot of elbow grease but very happy with results!!! Products used: Autoglym Super Resin Polish Autoglym HD Wax
  3. whitetiger85uk

    Removal of the RNS-E screen anti-glare coating

    Recently purcahsed an Audi A3 (2009) which came with the RNS-E Navigation plus unit. The unit is in great condition but the screen looked dull, so I took to some pledge and a microfibre cloth. That seemed to make things worse, had bubble marks on the screen that were really bad in the sun. Did...