1. Ranj S3

    Facelift S3 8V Facelift Brake Kit Upgrade

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing good. I have an s3 8v facelift sportback. Currently running 340mm discs at front on stock wheels. But, I'm planning on upgrading the front brakes to macan 4 pot calipers, and 2 piece 345mm discs. I've also got new wheels coming up. Motec Tornado 19" 8.5J ET45...
  2. J

    The latest view on S4 Brake upgrades?

    Hi folks - I have 2015 S4, and am due to replace front and rear discs and pads.... I have in mind to do MRC SII in december... There’s tons of info on the forum! (Thank you!) But sometimes it’s hard to know what the current view is, I’ve avidly followed folks build threads in recent weeks...