1. L

    Ko4 turbo upgrade

    My pd170 has gone in for turbo to be reconed with a hybrid billet based on a ko4, bored out inlet etc, i have decat, egr delete, stock intercooler & injectors, swirl flap delete, what sort of power would be achievable after a remap?
  2. William McGougan

    Upgrading Ko4 injectors

    Has anyone upgraded the internals of ko4 injectors themselves? And if so how was it to do and where did you get the parts, cheers.
  3. Sid2go

    Gathering info for a ko4 build

    Hello, I would like to boost the performance of my a4 2.0tfsi BUL quattro. my goal is to get around 300bhp (like everyone else that has been posting) I understand that upgrading the hpfp you dont need to map it which gives me time to book it in for a remap. But what about upgrading to s3 and a...
  4. S31PWA

    Audi S3 8L 2002 BAM NO BOOST

    Right guys I have a problem with my car.. got some work done on the car a full service and other stuff like pads ect now driving the car I have no turbo kicking in no boost what so ever vacuum pipes seem fine no splits noticed the pipes that went under the inlet were the wrong way switched...
  5. C

    Ko4 upgrade oil and coolant lines

    Hi im considering swapping my ko3's as upon inspection have damaged impellors and while they are out i may aswell replace with ko4's... I have a set of new ko3 oil and coolant lines but before i price up a ko4 conversion i need to know if these will fit ko4's? I have googled the sh*t out of...