exhaust upgrade

  1. craigt1985

    S3 8L 3" Exhaust

    I've just sold my Milltek and i'm looking for a freer flowing, larger 3"/76mm cat back exhaust. I've currently been looking at the Zinram offering: https://www.fahrzeugtechnik-zinram.de/epages/61798191.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61798191/Products/AGA_S3_8L_76 Or the non res cat back version...
  2. J-Doggz

    Downpipe Reducer?

    Hi Guys, I have purchased the Militek De-Catted Downpipe, I want to fit this to the stock exhaust set up on the S1. Militek have advised me that I need a reducer but they are unsure of the stock piping size. Does anyone know what the stock diameter of the exhaust size is?? I know the downpipe...
  3. Rayner_1704

    Facelift People with a Res delete HELP!

    Hi just a quick question on the resonator delete is there noticeable difference in how loud / crackles and pops there is in the different drive select modes like there is with the standard exhaust? Basically does it still pop and bang like a yobo when say driving in comfort or eco? Thanks
  4. AudiA38p

    Audi A3 8p 1.6 petrol Exhaust options :(?

    Hi. I've read a few posts mentioning it's not worth tuning a 1.6 which is fair however i want to put an exhaust on it to make it sound a little more decent. As an 18 year old not too fussed about power especially on U.K. roads anyway. I have a few questions as it's my first car.. 1. If i...
  5. Brett usher

    Exhaust system wanted

    hi, I'm after an aftermarket cat back exhaust system for my a4 b6 1.8t 190bhp and was hoping there may be someone selling one on here?? Thanks Brett