exhaust tips

  1. Steven87

    8Y S3 exhaust tips

    Has anyone been anal enough to remove their exhaust tips for cleaning/upgrade purposes yet? I'm looking to find out the internal diameter and whether or not they'd be a straight swap on to an 8V S3.
  2. Steven87

    8Y S3 exhaust tips

    Does anybody know if the 8Y exhaust tips would be a straight swap onto the 8V?
  3. dp_motley

    Are 80mm tail pipe tips good or small?

    Is there anyone who has 80mm tail pipe tips on a 8V on this forum? Could you share pictures? I was looking for a way to upgrade my 2019 SB S-line to a S3 look for awhile. I bought a S3 diffuser long ago, but an affordable exhaust with 4 pipes was hard to find. Finally, I located inexpensive one...
  4. Joshua Ward

    Valved quad exhaust system ? S3 8p

    Looking for a quad exhaust system that's valved ... I know it's a long shot had a look online and can only find the valved system from tog gear bridgeport (thats the standard 2 pipe exit) Also found the supersprint Quad exhaust but not a offspring of the both xD If you guys have any...
  5. S

    Exhaust tips

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted any after market exhaust tips? Mine are just the steel ones and I don't think it gives the right finish to a nice car so looking for recommendations. They're going to be going on a 2009 2.0 tfsi quattro.
  6. darius6745

    S4 Exhaust Tips

    hi all, Just bought an s4 avant and the exhaust tips are looking rubbish and they won't clean up. Its letting the car down and want to replace them. Just wondered if anyone has replaced the stock exhaust tips before? if so where did you get them from? cheers