dpf clean

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    Help Please Swirl flaps, egr and fps delete

    Hi. A4 B8 2008 CAPA 3.0 V6 Some back story. So Im having problems with dpf. 870km ago I performed a force regen of dpf as it was so clogged that the car went into limp mode (blinking glow plugs). Today the particulate filter error poped up again. In the meantime I've replaced a faulty...
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    2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate (2-EHN) Cetane Booster - Does anyone use this stuff, if so which 1?

    Hi Wondering who uses this stuff and any recommendations please? A lot of people buy Millers Diesel Power Ecomax which also has the additive Cetane included within however can be £££ for a 1 litre bottle. You could but the raw stuff (99%) from eBay/Amazon for £12 a litre and that should last...
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    Audi A6 c6 3.0tdi Powerloss fault code 131218

    Hi, I am new to the forum and seeking for some advice I hope someone can help me My mechanical knowledge is small, but i do understand a little I have purchased and a6 3.0tdi Quattro 07 plate with 3.0tdi I got the car remapped and its performing 293bhp at the moment With 33% torque boost...
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    Dpf help

    Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone could possibly help me. I've noticed an increase in black sut from my exhaust and a decrease in power and was thinking my dpf might need cleaning. I haven't been doing very big journeys lately so it's not been getting a good enough run to clean itself...