1. Marler1337

    Replacing cracked headlight

    Hey guys, Managed to hit a pigeon the other day which has cracked my nearside headlight. Spoke to Audi and they quoted a minimum of £600 for a replacement headlight. I've checked around and it appears there's two options. Firstly to try replacing the lens off Amazon through heating it up in...
  2. George_P

    S3 vandalism

    Well ... don't even know what to say.. bustards!!! Sorry for rude words but to find your car like this. Very sad and very angry to find my car in this state. The only part is not scratched is the roof. Drivers door kicked in. Even the rear light is scratched. Unacceptable.
  3. Jiggsy Jnr

    Damaged centre console help!

    Good afternoon all, Audi A3 8V S-Line Stronic I need a little advice if possible. I accidentally last summer left a car air-freshener hanging around my centre console. The sunshine has caused the solvent on the air-freshener to somehow warp and damage the plastic veneer that has now shrivelled...
  4. M

    Is this repairable? Passenger door & offside rear quarter panel damage :(

    Annoying, went to pick up a screw for my glovebox at the audi parts department... Pulled out of some lights into a one lane road that splits into two after 10 meters or so... Went to pull over to the left before it split into two and a woman drove up the left side of me as I did that. I suppose...
  5. FinleyG

    18 plate collision! :(

    Ok so unfortunately I have been involved in a minor incident with my new car(1 month old :() and I thought it was just body damage however, on the way home it was significantly louder in terms of noise(didn’t notice at the time). After getting home and organising the insurance I went out to put...
  6. Shortyian

    Accident Damaged Sportback - Photo Documenting the repairs

    Hi, first post on here as a new member... I have just bought an accident damaged 2013 A3 S-Line Sportback - Not sure how much i can repair myself but i'm going to attempt certain jobs to keep garage labour costs down (some jobs will have to be done by the garage as above my skill) I was also...