bottom end

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    2007 s3 engine WANTED ASAP

    Hello peeps Anyone selling a bottom end or full engine for my s3? Bhz at the moment but if cdl fits that'll be good too. Wanted asap please Thanks guys
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    check for play in bottom end without removing engine?

    hi peeps, couple of Q's regarding 2007 s3 BHZ Can a failed cam tensioner cause the bottom end/ bearings to go? - or a blocked pickup cause this? as im thinking the metal flakes in sump could be from a bearing or rod- is there any way to check the rods for play without removing the engine? it...
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    Engine Rebuild/Recondition Swap

    Hi guys, not sure where to look but does anyone know any decent garages around the south east area that offer engine rebuilds or swap my current engine for a reconditioned engine? Bottom end has gone on my 2009 s3 8p Thanks in advance!