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    [request] Brake bleed calliper procedure

    Anybody know the order to bleed the brakes? Thinking of flushing my brake fluid. Even better, anybody have a copy of the service manual :whistle2:
  2. Cheeks


    Hey guys and girls, merry Christmas and all that! I've been having an ongoing problem with brakes that I can't seem to sort out, here's what I've done so far... Rebuilt master cylinder Pressure bled system New disks New pads The problem is that the front right/back left seem weaker than...
  3. Cheeks


    Cannot for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong if anything. Brakes are spongy but work, clutch very rarely engages quicker (bite point is lower) What I've done so far Replaced all calipers (breakers yard) Rebuilt Master cylinder seals New discs all round New pads all round Bled...