black alloys

  1. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Sold Audi A4/A5 genuine Rotors, 19", gloss black - good condition

    Audi 19" Genuine Rotors, not cheap copies. ET43,19 x 8.5J Part number: 8K8K0 601 025 CN Two wheels in mint condition, one with minor imperfection, one with a little kerbing - see images Painted beautiful gloss black, complete with 4 x genuine Audi centre caps, painted the same gloss black...
  2. P

    A3 Sline Amalfi White with Black Mirrors and Wheels

    I have a standard Audi A3 Sline 1.4 in amalfi white. Currently getting some repairs done and haven toying with the idea of wrapping my mirrors in black and powder coating standard Sline wheels in black. Has anyone done this and have pics as can’t see any online. Thanks for help Paul
  3. Rayner_1704

    Standard pfl wheels powder coated

    Has anyone had their standard rotor alloys just fully powdercoted? Iv a nardo with black back and alloys could do with a refurb and I really like the all black wheel, just wanting to see one before making the decision of that or getting them machined Thanks
  4. ohmyaudi

    Diamond cut black wheels

    So I just heavily curbed my wheel on a kerb that was jutting out and I couldn't see in my mirrors... devastated. Going to get it refurbished however I'm thinking while I get it done I might get them all done and go black gloss with diamond cut. Anyone got any black alloys on a black PFL car...