1. Alexander James

    Bonnet and Boot Ring Sizes?

    Hi All, Need a bit of help here, does anyone have the measurements for their bonnet and boot rings for their TT / TTS / TTRS? Need to know for all MK1 MK2 and MK3 if anyone has! Thanks!
  2. Alexander James

    Grille and Boot Ring Sizes?

    Hi All, Does anyone know the exact boot and grill ring sizes for the A1 / S1? I need all models if poss!
  3. KrisKrk

    Le Mans badge

    Does anyone knows anything about Le Mans badge for sale?
  4. Shady0808

    Which Quattro Badge?

    Hey, I'm looking to add a Quattro front and rear badge to my S3 but not sure which badge I should be getting and also want to get others opinions on what would look best. Audi sold it to me as an "S3 S LINE BLACK ED TFSI Q 1984cc PETROL" and looking at other 8P S3's the grille looks different...