1. -Ju-

    Ecotune ecu and tcu maps?

    Anybody have any experience of their maps? I'm currently investigating various options for the RSQ3 and a local vag garage offers APR and Ecotune. For the ecu tune I'm probably going Revo to use the sps switch. But for the tcu the options are more limited as Revo and APR don't do one for the...
  2. Daniel James

    Found WANTED !! Racingline R600 or other closed intake (no RAMAIR)

    Hi all, looking for a used Racingline R600 or other closed intakes (what would you recommend) to fit my 2014 S3 have a budget of around £250, will also arrange for a courier to collect from you (will juts need boxing) If anyone is putting their S3 back to standard happy to supply standard...
  3. Seksodia

    Audi a6 3.0 tfsi apr stage 1 lpg conversion

    I have a 2012 audi a6 3.0 tfsi apr stage 1 and i was wondering if anyone has done a lpg conversion and if it has any problems. Thank you.
  4. Marc A

    APR Stage 1 vs AmD Tuning custom map?

    Opinions on APR Stage 1 map vs AmD tuning (Essex) custom stage 1? AmD used to supply APR but now only do their own maps. Does anyone have experience with their custom map? Both are same price more or less. I'm looking at stage 1 for my S5 B9 (354bph stock).
  5. William McGougan

    Stage 2+ poor figures...Adi

    Hi all, went to ecotune in Glasgow today to have my APR stage 2+ software fitted, it came out with 335bhp 365ftplb It's loosing boost and at top end not holding, has a revision G Nov which has been checked by them and they checked for boost leaks and the system was air tight They checked...
  6. 1

    Wanted RS3 8V FL Unitronic 3inch Inlet and or APR intake wanted

    As per title, before I buy new thought I may just see if anyone is selling a Unitronic 3inch Inlet and or APR intake for an RS3 8v. Cheers.
  7. Ludez

    Ludez’s Mythos Black Project

    Hi guys, Figured I’d get a progress/project thread up as I tend to do with all my cars so I have somewhere to document the build and for anyone likeminded who may be interested. Picked up my car a couple of days before Christmas after waiting patiently for a car close to my ideal new spec...
  8. V6_Man

    Rolling Road Day - 23/02/2019 Rick @Unicorn Motor Dev

    Dyno Day - Saturday 23rd, February 2019 Location: @Unicorn Motor Dev. Stockport Date - 23/02/2019 Time - 10am Hi folks, Right then, tis time we finally put this discussion to bed, i.e. my tune/tuner is better than yours and whether or not they are all the same Been part of the S4 UK Facebook...
  9. L

    S3 Oil Temp and Coolant Temp

    I would like to compare with others to confirm my temperature are in good condition. I had installed a "Pivot" OBD gague to show the coolant temperature. Mine is (with APR stage 1 ECU): 93-95 deg for coolant and drop to 88 when loading 95-99 deg for oil temp I used TMC tuning box before and the...
  10. JayRS3

    Sportback PFL Sport Exhaust w/ DP + Secondary Decat Question

    Hi gents, 2 weeks ago I did a Stage 1 APR map which has really brought the best out of the car performance wise. 1 week ago I did Decat Downpipe and Secondary Cat Bypass (Secondary Decat) on my Sport Exhaust from Rogue Performance here in South Africa. I have scoured the forums for opinions on...
  11. Chris Reynolds

    Facelift S3 FL now with mods fitted

    Hello fellow Audi enthusiasts, So I have now been an S3FL owner for 3 months and my car has covered 6k miles. My car is a Vegas Yellow Black Edition, S-Tronic with the tech pack and parking plus. She isnt the highest spec but I have now done most of my mods that I plan to do with the car. 1...
  12. LeeDaviesS3

    Looking for a Stage 1 taster

    Can't decide whether to get my car remapped or not. I like the thrill I get from my 310bhp S3, but, I can't help wondering what it would be like after a Stage 1 with REVO or APR. I am on the fence due to having 2.5 years of warranty left, maybe a blip sat in someones passenger seat with a stage...
  13. E

    Audi TT MK3 (8S) 2016

    Hi all, I just bought an Audi TT MK3, and I want to upgrade the ECU. Any recommendations on a certain company? GIAC, APR, REVO, STM, others? Thank you!
  14. M

    A3 8p 1.8 tfsi turbo failing !?

    Hi all! I have an A3 8p sportback 1.8 tfsi 2010. After a year of mind battling pros and cons on remapping my audi and researching it, I finally decided to go with APR stage 1 ecu upgrade. It did not go the way I hoped. First, the intake side of the turbo was quite oily so the mechanic said...
  15. WillJev

    Best remap?

    Hi, New to the S1 scene, looking at booking a remap for my S1 (66 plate) next month, wondering which is the best way to go e.g. Revo, APR,DTUK Box, Superchips etc... Any help would be appreciated! Will
  16. Jymbo7

    New Member. RS6 PE Mythos Black

    Hey all, Recently upgraded my RS4 B8 to the new RS6. Wow, slight improvment :worked till 5am:. New car lasted about 100km's before the stage 1 APR tune went on. Few weeks later went stage 2 with full milltek non resonated pipes. Lowered on H & R springs. (Will add some pictures tomorrow)...
  17. M

    Remapping after Oil consumption rebuild

    I would love to know your opinion about the apr stage 1 on the 1.8t sportback or any other 8p with the rebuild done. If you haven't got the rebuild please share thoughts on apr stage 1. It has now been a year since i had my pistons,rod, the whole deal with the oil consumption problem solved and...