1. audiA7kidd

    Sold Audi A7 C7 Steering Wheel S-Line

    GENUINE COMPATIBLE WORKING AUDI AIRBAG INCLUDED IN SALE!!! AUDI A6 C7 A7 4G8 S LINE LEATHER MULTIFUNCTION STEERING WHEEL WITH PADDLE SHIFTS. Condition is "Good condition and Used”. £399 Posted Hello all, for sale is my recently removed (15/04/21) Audi Multifunctional steering wheel taken...
  2. Kashee

    The A7 Tyres Thread

    Getting "Michelin 275/30 R21 (98)Y XL PILOT SPORT 4S" tyres from Costco. Anyone got experience of using these? Also I am only changing both rear tyres since these have internal cuts on the side wall and an MOT fail. This means I will have Dunlops in the front and Michelins in the back and...
  3. M

    2012 A7 3.0 S Line - 136k Mileage - common problems?

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a used Audi A7 3.0 TDI S Line Sportback S Tronic Quattro - it's 2012 with 136,000 on the clock. It says FSH with gearbox/oil change done at 84k for around £11k. Don't really want to spend more than this on a vehicle and i'm staying away from BMW's now. I know...