1.8t quattro

  1. E

    Sup, another Noob

    Hey up, Been reading countless number of helpful threads on this forum since recently purchasing my first german car (Audi TT 1.8T 180HP 2002) so thought id join up Was in the wrong place at the right time and thus this little gem came up as a quick sale wanted. Had some issues but im slowly...
  2. M

    For Sale Audi A3 8L 1.8 Quattro T-Sport Parts For Sale

    Hi all, I have long since sold my 1999 Audi A3 1.8 Quattro T-Sport, but have some unused parts left to sell that I never got around to fitting. They are the following: - Full set of Forge red turbo hoses. - Full set of Forge black coolant system hoses. - Good quality EBay intercooler...
  3. DrStrange

    Short Video Clips - Stage 3 1.8t Quattro Cabriolet. (pops and bangs)

    Hi All, Im still here and loving my car. So many mods done but never any decent clips of the noise it makes when at redline. Just a little show off really. When clean --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/whak2oax8dwdv8m/VID_20190824_192216.mp4?dl=0 Clip 1 -...
  4. X

    My Audi S3 8L - Introduction

    Hi Fellow Audi owners I have not had a chance with posting my car, Have a look and enjoy, Subscribe so i know if i need to keep up the content, I have a list of items im going to cover on this car , will need help on this build from you guys as well.
  5. Nagasaki

    New build swift (ish) A4 B6/7 1.8t Cabriolet

    Finally undertaking the build of an A4 B6/7 cabriolet quattro to house the engine and Turbo set up finished last year, combining most of the transferable and upgraded parts from our S-Line CVT B7 (owned from new) with a B6 Quattro 6 speed manual picked up locally. Reason, just based upon limits...
  6. Nagasaki

    Interchangeable 1.8t engines between CVT and Manual Quattro (b7to b6)

    Swapping 1.8t engine out of a CVT B7 into a B6 Quattro and have read that there can be differences in the cranks between Automatic and Manual cars. Both engines codes are BFB so was hoping that they would be easily interchangeable. Uprated ECS clutch (below) going in so flywheel will be changed...
  7. Daniel Iversen

    Audi B5 A4 1.8TQ

    I have a B5 A4 1.8T Quattro How can i see if my car is with sport or normal shocks?:blackrs4: Picture of my car attached.