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    JB4 info and discussion thread

    Hi all - interested in what Firmware you are running. I'm a bit nervous about updating but realise my firmware is 60/4/4 which is about 2 years old. This is on a 2016 S3 8V. I see F/W is up to version 60/83/5 now - but read that some people are having issues. Have you updated to the latest...
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    2013 S3 Fuel Pump

    I had issues on my 63 plate S3 - car was running rough and there was residue around the pump - also a smell of petrol occasionally. When I took it into Audi they said there was a problem with a O2 sensor. After me pushing the issue about residue around the fuel pump they put a new pump on -...
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    Facelift Audi Connect free trial about to expire

    Recently went through this, spoke to Audi via the chat feature and they raised a ticket with Audi (Germany ?).. took about a week and everything became available. I was a little annoyed by this as the previous car (8V S3 again) I had all of this with a Three Sim card and never had to buy any...
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    Facelift Standard Dyno Readout

    The FL S3 feels much quicker than the previous 8V, although the new one is S-Tronic which of course will make it quicker but it just feels stronger.
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    Gear box slotting into reverse rather then 1st!

    Interesting .... I never realised this - thanks :-)
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    Gear box slotting into reverse rather then 1st!

    Assuming your car is manual.... this has happened to me on a few occasions - I assumed it was me, after a few scares I stopped using the Stop/Start feature (just keep clutch in now) as I felt maybe I was rushing too much to go into first when the lights change. I'd be interested if you get it...
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    DTUK Box - low battery charge

    Thanks H17YD L- that confirms my suspicion that the box was probably causing the problems - and probably draining the battery to the extent that it was malfunctioning, I think I may also look for an alternative
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    DTUK Box - low battery charge

    Hi Jungle - thanks.... I am actually using the car regularly again now, and on fairly long runs too, so the battery should be keeping charged. Actually, I had noticed the Start/Stop function had stopped working just before all this started so I think the battery was suffering, The new battery...
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    DTUK Box - low battery charge

    Hi - has anyone else experienced any issues with the DTUK box (1st gen) when the car battery charge is low ? I spent some time working at home and wasnt using the car much - I was getting battery charge warnings shortly after, even after charging the battery it seemed that maybe the battery...
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    DTUK map differences?

    There are a few threads on the forum that go into lots of detail, however, it depends what version of the maps you have - I believe there has been a recent update so discussion about map 1, 2 or 3 may be different depending on your firmware version. My understanding is that the 2 jumpers...
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    Exhaust flaps (S3) - modify?

    Ok - thats great, I wasnt too sure it was working on mine - so it saves unplugging the sensors - good news
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    Exhaust flaps (S3) - modify?

    Forgive me if this has been mentioned in this thread already, I have been following this thread for a while, had my exhaust flaps disconnected and then found this VCDS mod on another post in this forum... I have done this, not 100% sure if it is working though.... would be interested if anyone...
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    Fuel pump leak

    Hi - I'm noticing a smell of fuel too.... anyone know whether this would cause any issues with performance too ? Is it a fault with the hoses or the pump itself - any ideas ?
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    8V VCDS Mods

    Anyone tried the exhaust flap mod mentioned in this thread - ? It said this - Exhaust flaps all open =================== 1 – Engine module Exhaust Flaps deactivate Byte 9 Bit 2 - Exhaust Flaps installed check box...
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    S3 Tyres...

    Never had any problems with Continentals on my last 4 S3's.... although, I was going to go for the Goodyear Eagle 1's or Michelins this time but when I came to order, the Continentals came out at around £105 each - no brainer. Always found them to wear well and are good in the wet (although, I...
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    12v In Boot ?

    Yes - I can also confirm that moving the fuse to the always on position gives live 12v in the boot
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    How to install tuning box on an S3

    Ahhh, I see, I'm going to have a play with it then - I assumed (wrongly) that 1 & 2 would have been less aggressive generally, personally I like the power to come in low or mid range so I'll try 1 & 2 out - many thanks
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    How to install tuning box on an S3

    Hi - I've only ever had mine set to 3+3 - my S3 is a manual. I'd expected 3/3 to be the best for performance but is the +3 2 tune just as good or just different power delivery ?
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    Flat bottomed steering wheel opinions

    I found the FBSW much nicer to use when cornering
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    How to install tuning box on an S3

    Hi - I bought one of these after reading people saying it could take 20-30 minutes, maybe an hour to fit... However, I found I had to go an buy a set of ramps to be able to get to the lower sensor. The time to fit is probably about right if you've done it a few times and are able to ramp the...